Sunday, January 24, 2010


Shawnee Wright gave a super lesson on food storage and being prepared. She has a very good sense of humor!
1. Store what you will use.
2. Don't let what you store go bad.
3. or have good ideas like a storage calculator. One sister mentioned you can even buy dry pack canning and have it delivered right to your door!
4. Take advantage of sales. Buy a little at a time.
5. Instead of buying junk (gum or soda), buy food. You can get pasta or dry-pack for the same price.
5. Rotate your storage.
6. Plant a garden and learn how to can.
7. A stake emergency preparedness fair is coming up in March. Our Stake Presidency is calmly concerned about our state of preparedness.
8. Relief Society meetings on the second Tuesday of each month will also teach how to use wheat and can.

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