Sunday, January 24, 2010


Shawnee Wright gave a super lesson on food storage and being prepared. She has a very good sense of humor!
1. Store what you will use.
2. Don't let what you store go bad.
3. or have good ideas like a storage calculator. One sister mentioned you can even buy dry pack canning and have it delivered right to your door!
4. Take advantage of sales. Buy a little at a time.
5. Instead of buying junk (gum or soda), buy food. You can get pasta or dry-pack for the same price.
5. Rotate your storage.
6. Plant a garden and learn how to can.
7. A stake emergency preparedness fair is coming up in March. Our Stake Presidency is calmly concerned about our state of preparedness.
8. Relief Society meetings on the second Tuesday of each month will also teach how to use wheat and can.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Sister Markus was ill today, so since Jay (Markus) teaches the same lesson in Priesthood, he offered to teach it to all of us.
How do YOU know there is a God? Several people commented, but what about YOU? Have you had experiences with the physical world and creation? What about spiritual experiences?
We can get to know God the same way we get to know our earthly to him often, listen to what he says to you, then go act on his advice.

Don't forget Relief Society Meeting Tuesday January 12 at 7:00. We'll talk about the new program and taste several desserts from around the world. Love to have you there!

By the way, what do you think of the blog? I procrastinate putting my summaries of the lessons because it's a LOT of work, and I don't think anyone reads it. I was hopeful those who are in Primary, Young Women, or can't make it to church would benefit, but if no one cares, this is one thing that isn't a necessity. If ONE person wants me to continue, I will, but please let me know. Thank you!

Monday, November 30, 2009


Monty Hamilton gave the combined lesson. We discussed the 3-fold mission of the church--Perfect the Saints, Redeem the Dead, and Preach the Gospel and Monty wrote some examples of each area.
Much of the discussion centered around Home and Visiting Teaching. A visitor thanked the ward for helping her daughter by bringing her food, getting together as friends, and giving her opportunities to share. Another sister said she had a rough year, and she really could have used a friend, or someone to help her through the difficult times.
We are all busy, but don't forget to look around and share your spirit. It reminds me of a story I heard, where several seminary students were asked to write talks on the Good Samaritan, then were told to rush to the place where they were to present their talk. The catch? They had to hurry past someone (a plant) who was in desperate need.
Most people ran past the person who needed them without helping. What would you do? What DO you do? We are all busy. Really busy. How do we balance our time with family, job, friends, church and other responsibilities? How do we know if someone needs us? What do you think?

Our ward has several goals.
  1. Book of Mormon: Starting December 1, please read 3 chapters in the Book of Mormon per day. If you can't, at least read the headings too keep up with the rest of the ward. There is a reading list, with one scripture to be marked and pondered each day. If you need one, please contact a member of the bishopric or your home or visiting teachers. The goal is to be finished by Feb. 14.
  2. Better Home and Visiting Teaching: Most wards and stakes get about 23%. People mean more than numbers, of course, but the numbers give an idea of what is happening. These visits are the eyes and ears of the bishop, who cannot possibly get to everyone he would like to visit. Be a true friend to the people you visit. Do you need to call or visit more than once a month? Use prayer and the Spirit to determine what your families need from you.
  3. Missionary work: Next Fast Sunday, fast and pray for someone who you can bring to church with you the following week. This could be a non-member or a less active member. We are so blessed and this is an opportunity to share valuable information with the people around us.
  4. Temple attendance: Every third Thursday will be a ward Temple Night.

Instead of a Relief Society Meeting this month, Erlyn has created an Angel Tree. Please contact her for information about what gifts the children need or would like.